August game: Pictlogica Final Fantasy

I was originally planning to get Splatoon 2 out of obligation as a Switch owner, but while browsing through the 3DS eShop, I knew I had to get this. I’m such a hopeless junkie for Picross. Forgive me, for I am weak!

This is a freemium title, but I splashed out and paid to unlock the full thing (3,000 yen). This might have been a mistake though since the free version’s timed unlocks at least helped me to put this down once in a while. With the game fully open to me, it’s become an obsession, as does every other Picross game that gets into my hot little hands. I’m currently on level 17 of 32 (?) despite only getting it a few days ago.

Thoughts so far: I like that, unlike Pokemon Picross before it, the boss fights aren’t gated behind random daily timers. I personally hated having that F2P sense of urgency hanging over me if I wanted to catch legendaries, so this more chillax and leisurely approach in Pictlogica is very appreciated. I also like that Mega Picross puzzles are unique and mixed in with the regular ones rather than being alternate versions of regular puzzles you already cleared.

Although I appreciate that you can totally skip over the battle stages and progress without having to do them, I’m not crazy about the battles themselves. Most of them are fine, you battle through and win new Memoria (FF characters) to add to your roster. However, a lot of the end-level boss fights tend to be stupidly overpowered. If your Memoria are at level cap, most times you will wipe to a 1HKO attack. You are supposed to just skip over them for the time being, continue progressing until you get a new level cap, then come back and clear out old bosses. There aren’t any penalties for wiping, unlike Pokemon, and there are no cooldown timers and the like to be angry over, but it can still feel frustrating that you lost because you weren’t supposed to attempt it yet, rather than because you did anything especially wrong.

Oh, and leveling up your entire roster of characters takes way too long. That’s my biggest nitpick, maybe. (Also not a fan of the BGM during the puzzles themselves, but who keeps the volume on when playing puzzle games?)

Anyway. These are a lot of words for what is basically “mobile F2P port of Final Fantasy and Picross on 3DS.”



Awesomenauts had a big update at some point when I wasn’t looking. I haven’t been a regular player in months, and even when I did play a lot it was only ever private matches with friends versus bots. Still though, we put in enough hours to get up to Prestige 5 before the entire system got chucked out. I doubt I’ll ever play long enough to see Prestige 6 under the new rules. Oh well.

At least there are cute Gnaw profile pics now.