Say anything

Currently sitting in my classroom at a client’s office and waiting for students to show up. Or rather student, since my first class today is a private lesson. I have been teaching at this particular client for only a few months but it is far and away my favorite place I have ever taught at, simply because I have my own classroom. I can bring in my keyboard and type away to my heart’s content in the few minutes of downtime in between classes. It is amazing.

If only I could think of something actually worthwhile to type about, eh?

A random list of things I should probably talk about at some point:

  • The Nintendo Switch (!)
  • Breath of the Wild (!!!)
  • Nothing But Reading Challenges, a book club on Goodreads that has gotten me back into regular reading
  • Homegoing and Tom Sawyer, the two books I’ve been reading lately
  • Teaching, maybe?
  • Board games
  • Other random crap that has been bouncing around in my head

I think I’ve given up on the idea that I will ever be an interesting person with grand adventures. I am boring, I have learned to embrace and revel in it. I talk about stupid media that I consume as a substitute for my gaping lack of personality and wit. I know all of this, and I have learned to be fine with it.

Today is Friday. The goal for tomorrow is to write at least one more of these blog entries, even if it’s just to pop in and say I still haven’t thought of anything interesting to write about. Dammit.

Rainy days

I have a lot of free time these days, but it’s often in between lessons when I’m already on the road. Or, rather, stuck at cafes in Tokyo. So much time to sit, write, and think, but it’s always away from my computer, so instead I fritter away the minutes and hours by looking at my phone.

It’s a shame, really.

I bought a Bluetooth keyboard a while ago, maybe two years back? I’m not sure. Anyway, I’m going to try and pack it with me when I head to work and maybe get some typing in. I’m slowly losing my ability to string together words that exceed 140 characters. I’m sure that number is just a very strange coincidence.

Goals: play more games, take more pictures, write and read more words, have fewer days when I come home exhausted. That last one is a tricky one.

Gosh, this keyboard sure is nice to type on.


In June of this year, I purged all of my old blog entries because I was more than a bit ashamed of my writing. I rambled a lot or dumped tons of screenshots of games that I was playing. I was embarrassed that what I felt ought to be a right proper blog was, instead, an online journal. Back in ye olden times of the Internet, a blog was essentially an online journal, and who needs one of those anymore when there’s Twitter? A blog these days means something of almost magazine-like quality. The only way I could justify paying for and maintaining a blog, I thought, would be if I were to amp up the quality and provide Content™ for the masses.

Then I stopped updating altogether because the idea of sitting down to create Content™ was so unappealing and dreadful, especially when I could release a string of vapid tweets and then play video games instead. It turns out that it’s even harder to justify a blog’s continuing existence if it has only three posts.

So here I am again, refreshing the idea once more of what I think a blog ought to be. None of this really matters to you, dear reader, since I doubt there will be much Content™ coming. Nor do you really care about my internal debate over whether to shut down this site that receives only a couple of hits per month. However, I am going to make an entirely pointless pledge to update this place more often.

Carry on.

Happy new year!

Yeah yeah, I know, I’m terrible. Happy 2016, and all that jazz.

I have a lot of things I want to blog about, but I can’t ever seem to sit down and actually write them out. For starters, we watched every major animated Disney movie over the winter vacation! I’ve been getting back into comic books again in a big way! I’ve finally watched all of The Office (US) and have some opinions about it! And on and on and on.

Now if only I had the discipline to write like how I used to. Even if it’s all garbage and nonsense, just getting anything up. I don’t want to make a grand goal like I WILL POST EVERY SINGLE DAY IN 2016!! because I know there is no way I’ll last longer than a week by doing that, but um, I at least pledge to post more often. How about that?

All right. LET’S DO THIS.


Got my Jot Pro!

I got my Jot Pro today! I have mixed feelings about it. I already had a fat-nub rubber-tipped stylus, which was perfect for swiping at the screen, but not so great with handwriting. I bought the Jot Pro hoping it would be a good way for me to take handwritten notes. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be much more accurate in that regard, and indeed, in some cases it is even less accurate because of the way the tip tends to bounce up when writing. It also isn’t as good at swiping at the screen, it makes a loud tapping sound when used, the screw-on cap is just weird, and there is no clip for me to attach it to my Nexus or case.

However, when sketching, it’s just miles and away better than the nub or my finger. If only I were better at sketching…