Garbage disposal, what a way to go…

Garbage disposal, meet So-and-So!

D:OS is rather counterintuitively more fun doing the single-player campaign than playing with friends. I think it’s the turn-based combat; on top of having to sit through enemy animations, you also have to wait for your partner to decide their next action. Plus your partner still can’t bring in their own character anyway, which is such a shame.

That said though, I’m willing to give D:OS another look in the near future. (This is my second attempt at the game, my first attempt being a frustrating mess that I gave up on almost immediately.) I need my turn-based RPG itch scratched. I just wish you could toggle tooltips to display all the time rather than having to hold down the Alt key. Most of the items blend in with the backgrounds, or maybe my eyes are just really bad (THEY ARE). I have gamma turned way up but even now it’s hard to spot things.