Got my Jot Pro!

I got my Jot Pro today! I have mixed feelings about it. I already had a fat-nub rubber-tipped stylus, which was perfect for swiping at the screen, but not so great with handwriting. I bought the Jot Pro hoping it would be a good way for me to take handwritten notes. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be much more accurate in that regard, and indeed, in some cases it is even less accurate because of the way the tip tends to bounce up when writing. It also isn’t as good at swiping at the screen, it makes a loud tapping sound when used, the screw-on cap is just weird, and there is no clip for me to attach it to my Nexus or case.

However, when sketching, it’s just miles and away better than the nub or my finger. If only I were better at sketching…