Happy new year!

Yeah yeah, I know, I’m terrible. Happy 2016, and all that jazz.

I have a lot of things I want to blog about, but I can’t ever seem to sit down and actually write them out. For starters, we watched every major animated Disney movie over the winter vacation! I’ve been getting back into comic books again in a big way! I’ve finally watched all of The Office (US) and have some opinions about it! And on and on and on.

Now if only I had the discipline to write like how I used to. Even if it’s all garbage and nonsense, just getting anything up. I don’t want to make a grand goal like I WILL POST EVERY SINGLE DAY IN 2016!! because I know there is no way I’ll last longer than a week by doing that, but um, I at least pledge to post more often. How about that?

All right. LET’S DO THIS.