I finally decided to sit down and put together a Retropie for our living room. I’m still waiting on a few more parts to come through before I get any pics up, but so far it’s been great.

I made a Retropie a couple of years back and we used it to play games on our projector, but it was such a hassle to have to set up every time. The projector had built-in mono speakers with awful sound quality, so we had to get an HDMI audio splitter that fed into a pair of computer speakers. Honestly, the jump in quality wasn’t even that great. On top of that, we don’t have a screen, so we’d just project the image onto the wall of our bedroom. That meant every time we wanted to use it, we’d have to lug out all the cables and set it up, then break it down when we finished. It was fun but far from ideal, and such a PITA that we hardly ever did it.

This time around, I’ve decided to do it properly. No more faffing about with projectors and cables, I’m just going to stick it in my entertainment center the way games are meant to be played®. I’ve moved up from a RasPi B+ to a RasPi 3, as well as upgrading my clunky Logitech F310s to the very cute FC30 controllers from 8BitDo. I’ve got the official case, and I’m waiting on some very cute Famicom-themed stickers to come into really seal the deal. I’ve got Retropie v4.2 set up and running, as well as the Pixel-Metadata theme for Emulation Station. It is all just too cute.

I ran into a bit of a snag at first because I was drawing power from a power bank instead of plugging directly into the wall, so a lot of games (SNES and GBA) had crippling lag and audio sync issues. However, switching to a high-speed AC adapter (the one I use for my Xperia phone works nicely) into the wall seemed to fix everything. I’m going to pick up the official RasPi charger at some point this week. I’m also planning to upgrade my microSD from its current 4GB to a much roomier 32GB when I can. (But for those asking, yes Retropie seems to do all right with just 4GB, so long as you don’t put in too many games.)

I’ll have pictures up as soon as those stickers get in!