GW2 Path of Fire: Clear!!

Need to max out my Firebrand skills so I can test it out on my Guardian!

Finished all the story quests of the new Guild Wars 2 expansion, Path of Fire. There’s still a lot more to be done, but for now at least I’m going to revel in having cleared the story missions so quickly. Whoo!

Stuff I still need to do:

  • Get my jackal mount
  • Max out hero points on at least one of my characters, probably Firebrand
  • Do all the Heart quests from the new desert maps and Season 3 maps
  • Wait for Season 4 to start!

Overall I thought this expansion was a LOT better than Heart of Thorns… though that might just be because I truly hated the jungle maps. Grinding for masteries was just awful, and I hated that every fight in the jungle took frigging forever because of how tanky everything was and how enemies would respawn almost as soon as they went down. Navigating the jungle was also just such a pain, with lots of tight corridors (meaning you HAD to aggro enemies everywhere you went) and the layered maps were the worst. Practically every event was a group event, and by group I mean 5+. Even Hero Points were usually either locked behind a Champion fight or navigating the truly awful jungle layers, often aggroing tons and tons of horrible monsters everywhere. AUGH.

The desert in comparison is MUUUUUUUCH better. Hero Points are back to being mostly solo-able, with the occasional Champion that can be downed with as few as two players (or even soloed if you’re well-geared). Gaining masteries also doesn’t feel like a colossal chore, and instead feels like it happens naturally without much grinding. Heart quests are back so it’s fun to open up areas of the map again and have things to work towards besides events. Overall it just feels a lot more casual, and I say this as a good thing, because I am over thirty years old now and I just do not have the time or patience for MMO grinding anymore thankyouverymuch.

Maybe my biggest niggle about the expac is the jumping. Anet sure do love their jumping puzzles, which sucks because the jumping in this game (and all MMOs, let’s be real) is rubbish. The controls are too slippery, and the places where you can and can’t jump seem mushy and not defined. This has been the case since GW2’s inception, but with the introduction of the rabbit mount (!!!) the jumping frustration is worse than ever. Sigh.

Oh well. It’s still brilliant and fun, so let’s goooooo!!


Guild Wars 2: odds and ends

I’ve long since given up on the idea of ever being a hardcore Guild Wars 2 player. Right now, I’ll just consider the game Completed when all of my toons are level 80. I’ve still got two left, my necromancer and ranger, both of which are in the 50ish range.

I also recently cleared out Living Story: Season 3 on my guardian and today polished off Season 2 on my elementalist. Just waiting for Path of Fire to hit on the 22nd!



I have a lot of things I need to write about at some point but I keep getting distracted by Guild Wars 2. My mesmer is almost 66, and she kicks so much ass. Questing is pretty tedious. The gorgeous scenery makes up for the repetition, though.

I mean, geez, just look at this.

I’ll be back soon, promise.