The Gang of Jerks and Morons

Currently playing through S2 of Walking Dead, and I gotta say… it’s kind of a chore. I can’t put my finger on why it is. There are probably spoilers in the rest of my post here, so be warned.

The writing and atmosphere are right up there with S1, and arguably the tone is a lot more consistent. (Although the stupid puzzles are still there. “Hey little girl, can you figure out how to shut off this engine? I push the button that has a giant keyhole on it, but nothing happens. There is a key hanging right next to it but who the fuck can figure this shit out, I mean, I’m only a goddamn doctor for crying out loud”)

But… everyone is such a dick, and it sucks. I know that is a ridiculously stupid complaint and I ought to be ashamed for even bringing it up, but everyone is such an asshole and it’s just aggravating at times. A lot of the moral choices this time around are “Do A, which will get everyone mad at you and this asshole you don’t even like will die and people will resent you for it, or do B, which will get everyone mad at you and this other asshole you don’t even like will die instead and people will resent you for it.” Clementine herself has this sort of resigned, nihilistic, “Why the hell am I even wasting my time with these incompetent assholes?” look on her face the entire time and, man, that’s exactly how I feel when playing. Again, I don’t even know why! I loved the character interactions in S1. S2 is just… augh! Augh! Aughhhhhhhh

I’m only partway through episode 3, and I’m reeeeeally hoping that things start picking up. I will say this though: Carver is such a fun character. I love him so much. He might be my favorite after Clementine, even though he’s undeniably the biggest asshole of them all. (The difference between him and all those other schmucks is that he lives it up so well, you can’t help but love how awful he is.) SOOOOOOO much better than the (unbelievably lame and anticlimactic) Stranger from S1.

Blargh. BLARGH, I SAY. Here are screenshots for some reason.