The Legend of Sidon: Manly Pearls

DK and I finished Breath of the Wild a few weeks ago and we still can’t get over it. It was far and away the best open-world game I’ve played and one of the very few that managed to hold my attention to the end. I feel like I don’t really have to go into the positives of this game, picking it up and playing just felt so natural that it’s hard to put into words why it worked so well this time around.


There are a few niggles, and when you have an otherwise smooth and polished experience, those snags will stick out that much more. I didn’t mind the stamina and weapon durability as much as other people seemed to, but I HATED the slow climbing/swimming, the way cooking became such a chore, the poor inventory management, and the way side quests were mostly tacked on and unnecessary.

My favorite NPC was Kass. Not only was his design amazing, but he usually gave out shrine quests which, unlike side quests, were actually fun.

Ooh, and I hated the rain. Boy oh boy, did I ever hate the rain.

It was a solid game and is my new measuring stick against which all other open-world games will be measured. It is also a game that I don’t think I will ever touch again thanks to its 120 small shrines scattered all over the world, rather than the traditional eight or so concentrated dungeons. It isn’t among my favorite Zeldas, but it has definitely earned all the media fawning it’s receiving.

One of the few side quests that was actually pretty funny. Or maybe it was just the NPC who gave it to you who has a weird obsession with Cuccos…

I did love how everything in the world seems to be pointing you towards another small goal, whether it be a Korok seed, shrine, enemy camp, treasure chest, world boss, or sometimes just really spectacular view. I am a lot cooler on the story, which was weak even by Zelda standards. The ending in particular was such a dud, and the fight against Ganon was… less than great. I loved the shrine quests and random world bosses, though. We got Hinox hunting down to a science.

The trick is to sneak up on them while they’re sleeping and then use your lightning-spin attack. If pulled off right, it should be a 1HKO.

Also there is a shark prince who gives you a Nice Guy pose and flex almost every time you talk to him, and yes you’d better believe I hit the screenshot button every time he did.