Awesomenauts had a big update at some point when I wasn’t looking. I haven’t been a regular player in months, and even when I did play a lot it was only ever private matches with friends versus bots. Still though, we put in enough hours to get up to Prestige 5 before the entire system got chucked out. I doubt I’ll ever play long enough to see Prestige 6 under the new rules. Oh well.


Retropie Pics

I know, I’m about two weeks behind on this post. Anyway, the Famicom stickers came in and our Retropie looks very cute!

It is also considerably smaller than you’d think, and takes up hardly any shelf space. Here’s a picture of Henry and the Retropie to scale:

* Cat not included

Of course, not long after putting together the Retropie, the Steam Summer Sale began and we completely forgot about playing old retro games in favor of new awesome indie games. C’est la vie.



I bought the full season of King’s Quest during the winter sale but haven’t gotten around to playing it yet. I did load it up just for a few minutes to see what it was like. In the very brief time I played, I’ve come to the conclusion that the graphics are beautiful, the narration of this cold open (I’m assuming) is a bit odd at first, and the puzzles are… well, better than Telltale puzzles of late, and certainly not the awful guess-what-the-developer-was-thinking puzzles of the ancient King’s Quests, but also not very interesting. Then again I did only get about ten minutes in before having to temporarily shelve it. Definitely need to have a proper sit-down with this game soon…


Garbage disposal, what a way to go…

D:OS is rather counterintuitively more fun doing the single-player campaign than playing with friends. I think it’s the turn-based combat; on top of having to sit through enemy animations, you also have to wait for your partner to decide their next action. Plus your partner still can’t bring in their own character anyway, which is such a shame.

That said though, I’m willing to give D:OS another look in the near future. (This is my second attempt at the game, my first attempt being a frustrating mess that I gave up on almost immediately.) I need my turn-based RPG itch scratched. I just wish you could toggle tooltips to display all the time rather than having to hold down the Alt key. Most of the items blend in with the backgrounds, or maybe my eyes are just really bad (THEY ARE). I have gamma turned way up but even now it’s hard to spot things.


The ugliest cherry

I wanted to start updating this blog on a daily schedule. Immediately after deciding that, I suddenly got so swamped with other work (read: idly flipping through TV channels and playing video games) that I sort of stopped. But no more! From this week, DAILY updates! Yeah! HURGH! Even if it’s crappy filler that nobody cares about. Like this ugly cherry I drew in the first lesson of Art Academy: Lessons for Everyone.


Got my Jot Pro!

I got my Jot Pro today! I have mixed feelings about it. I already had a fat-nub rubber-tipped stylus, which was perfect for swiping at the screen, but not so great with handwriting. I bought the Jot Pro hoping it would be a good way for me to take handwritten notes. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be much more accurate in that regard, and indeed, in some cases it is even less accurate because of the way the tip tends to bounce up when writing. It also isn’t as good at swiping at the screen, it makes a loud tapping sound when used, the screw-on cap is just weird, and there is no clip for me to attach it to my Nexus or case.

However, when sketching, it’s just miles and away better than the nub or my finger. If only I were better at sketching…